Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Collection of Randomness.

Hello there,

I thought today that I would post about some of the things that have been grabbing my attention recently. So here it goes!

To begin with, some fairly old news, but the following Unit Attachment picture has been released for the Legionnaires!

"The ranks of the legionnaires are a weapon wielded by one hand—that of Farilor, Bladeguard of the Prophet. He directs their every strike for the glory of Thagrosh, and the obedient legionnaires follow with unflinching discipline. So great is their devotion to Captain Farilor, legionnaires can ignore the most grievous wounds and punishing blows in order to hold the line beneath the Legion’s standard."

Nice models! Im thinking the Standard looks really good; Im especially liking the flag! Personally, I just don't think Farilor quite lives up to his artwork; I do wonder if its maybe the pose?

As for his abilities though, they make quite an epic change to the Legionnaires abilities! I think the Legionnaires are often looked at as one of our cheaper units and are particularly good at "jamming" (which makes them especially interesting for the Steamroller 2012 scenarios). So what do they actually do?

Farilor: As with the Legionnaires, he is Fearless, has Combined Melee attack and Defensive Line giving him +2 arm when B2B with another model in the unit. He also has Vengeance and Weapon Master, with a command of 9 and a mat of 7! His base stats are Spd 5, Def 12 and Arm 14! Farilor does however give a once a game ability of giving the Legionnaires +4 Arm as long as they are in formation and they cannot be knocked down or made stationary for one round- awesome! I think this is a great ability and it makes the unit a lot tougher to deal with. The no knockdown ability could really have its place against some spells and feats, but the +4 arm is awesome! Another great thing that he gives is the Set Defense Tactic- models in the front arc suffer -2 on charge, slam power attack and impact attack rolls against the model.

The Standard can also benefit from Defensive Line but also gives Mage Static to the unit if they are in formation; enemy magic attacks targeting a model in this model's unit suffer -5 range. This will be a useful ability! I can well see just keeping a Legionnaire B2B with the Standard in order to keep this model in play, hopefully, for longer!

Roll on the June release date!

Another interesting bit of news from Privateer Press has to be:

Im sure most of you will have heard and seen the epic announcement! If you havent though, you have to check the following link out!!

Colossal Announcement Video Link!

Here are some pictures though.

The Cygnar one, Stormwall, will be released in June!

The Hordes names are rumoured to be:
Circle: Woldwrath
Trolls: Mountain King
Legion: Archangel
Skorne: Mammoth

Obviously for the Legion one, the first thing that sprung to mind was whether it will be at all similar to the Angelius!
Here is some artwork though for the Trolls!

Other news:


It started with Rich Loxam streaming some of his Vassal games; the first live stream had well over 20 viewers for the whole game I seem to remember! Other players have joined him to create It is currently in the beta stage, but I can tell you, it is brilliant! The community on there is very friendly and it is catering for all areas of the hobby. There is a section on articles which is already proving to be very educational and useful. Im sure this site will grow and grow, so check it out if you haven't already!

Dragon Storm Podcast!

This was one of the first Warmachine Podcasts I listened to when I got into the hobby. The great news is, they are back! Martyn Jenkins and Sam Brokenshire, based at Firestorm Games, have got a new website where they have re-hosted their old episodes and will hopefully release some more soon! Follow the link below to check them out!

Dragon Storm!

Finally, I have been doing a bit of painting. I have however slowed to a halt- Im trying a slightly different colour scheme but am not sure if the darker carapace is maybe a bit too much. I think I prefer the lighter colour, but would appreciate your thoughts?

I am tempted to strip them and start again! But this time stick with the shade of the first picture, maybe just picking out elements with the darker brown. Like I said though, let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Think I prefer the lighter too....but could be biased as it looks similar to mine :)

  2. Being biased can be good! I do like the colour of your beasts!
    I have changed the colour scheme slightly again. I think I am finally happy now! :-)