Saturday, 7 January 2012

Cygnar (Kara Sloan) vs Legion (pThags)


I had a couple games last night against a local Cygnar player, Mike. I had only played Mike once before when he was very new to the game, but since then, Mike has put a lot of time and effort into the game and is now quite an established Cygnar player!

We are both intending to go to the Iron King Tournament held at Iron Haven Games, Exeter on the 28th January and so were keen to practice our lists. * On a side note, I would highly recommend going to the tournament if you can- Iron Haven is ran by Craig Read and Fred Cocks, and it is a great atmosphere.

Here is a link to their site which includes information about the upcoming tournaments:

Our first game was Mangled Metal and Mikes list was as follows:

Captain Kara Sloan
* Cyclone
* Defender
* Hunter
* Hunter

My list:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
* Scythean
* Scythean
* Raek
* Teraph
* Shredder


Mike read my cards and wasn't keen on my warlock as you can see: 
* Little did we know, that Mike had nothing to worry about!!

Mike won the roll and chose to go first!

Mikes deployment from left to right:

Hunter advanced deployed, Sloan, Cyclone, Defender, Hunter advanced deployed.

My deployment, from left to right:

Shredder, Teraph advanced deployed, Raek, Thagrosh, Scythean, Scythean.

Mike's Turn 1:

- 1 focus allocated to Cyclone and Defender.
- Hunters advance.
- Cyclone and Defenders run.
- Sloan runs.

My Turn 1.

- Teraph advances and uses its animus.
- Raek advances.
- Shredder advances and puts Tenacity on Raek.
- 1 Scythean runs.
- Thagrosh puts up Fog of War and Draconic Blessing onto the Scythean. Uses Tenancity as its free animus.
- Scythean runs.

Mike's Turn 2:

- Sloan advances and feats. She shoots at Thagrosh and hits. 7 points transferred to Shredder.
- Bonus shot: Hunter shoots at Scythean, 1 point of damage.
- Hunter shoots Scythean, no damage.
- Other Hunter shoots Scythean causing 7 points of damage.
- Bonus shot: Cyclone shoots at Scythean causing no damage.
- Cyclone activates getting 2 shots causing a total of 11 points of damage to the Scythean.
- Hunter activates and shoots Thagrosh causing 13 points of damage.
- Bonus shot: Sloan shoots at Thagrosh causing 7 points of damage and kills him!

What an embarrassing one to report! I didnt see that one coming! I made loads of mistakes in this game, but at the same time, learnt loads. I had never played against Sloan before so wasn't entirely sure on what she could do. I think Mike's list is pretty nasty though!
Anyway I feel my main mistakes were not playing aggressively on the first turn. I dont know why I didnt run everything, but instead I did not move their entire speed. I also only left Thagrosh on one fury to transfer. It proved to be wrong to have only transferred the 7 damage, but at the same time I shouldnt have used up and discarded the fury leaving him on one fury particularly because of the threat range on Cygnar's guns. On the plus side, at least I can be prepared for Sloan's turn 2 next time!

We reset afterwards and played the same list. This time I played a lot more aggressively and pulled off the win thanks to Mr Scythean.

We then played our 35 point lists.

Mike's list:

Captain Kara Sloan
* Hunter
* Defender
Black 13th
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages with UA
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
Arcane Gun Mage Solo
Arcane Gun Mage Solo

My list:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
* Scythean
* Seraph
* Typhon

Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
1 Spell Martyr


I won the roll and chose to go first!

My deployment, from left to right:
Seraph, Scythean, Spell Martyr at the back, Thagrosh, Typhon, Shepherd, Gators.

(Apologies for blurry pic)

Mikes deployment, from left to right:

Black 13th, Gun mage solo advanced deployed, Gun mages, Gun mages and UA, Sloan, eEiryss advanced deployed, Defender, Gun mage solo advanced deployed, Hunter advanced deployed. 

My Turn 1:

- Seraph slipstreams the Scythean.
- Thagrosh puts Fog of War up, and you guess it, Draconic Blessing on the Scythean. He uses Excessive Healing and advances.
- Spell Martyr advances.
- Gators call Dirge of Mists and run.
- Typhon advances.
- Shepherd advances.

Mike's Turn 1:

- 1 focus allocated to Defender and 2 to the Hunter.
- eEiryss shoots Scythean removing Draconic Blessing.
- Hunter causes 14 points of damage to the Scythean.
- Gun mage solo advances and shoots causing 6 points of damage to the Scythean.
- Defender runs.
- Gun mage solo shoots at a gator but misses.
- Both Gun mage units run.
- Black 13th runs.
- Sloan and Reinholdt advance.

My turn 2:

- Upkeep spells.
- Gators call Cold Blood and charge killing 2 of the Black 13th, Gun mage solo and the majority of a Gun mage unit. They pass their mass casualties check. One charged Eiryss but failed to hit.
- Thagrosh advances putting Draconic Blessing back on the Scythean, heals a point on the Scythean but does not discard any fury. He also puts Excessive Healing on himself.
- Seraph uses Slipstream on the Scythean and then uses it strafe attack against the Hunter, doing little damage.
- The Scythean charges the Defender but failed to hit on one of his initial attacks so missed out on Bloodbath.
- Typhon advances.

Mikes turn 2:

- 2 allocated to the Defender and 1 to the Hunter.
- Defender kills Scythean.
- Eiryss causes 4 points of damage to a Gator.
- Second Gun mage unit and UA advance to shoot at a Gator killing it.
- Other Gun mage unit activates, hits one Gator but did not do any damage.
- Sloan advances and feats but also casts Fire Group. She shoots at Thagrosh causing 7 points.
- Hunter shoots at Thagrosh but transfers the damage to Seraph.
- Gun mage solo calls Brutal Damage but damage is transferred to Seraph.

My turn 3:

- Upkeep spells.
- Gators call Cold Blood again and hit the Gun mages killing a few.
- Spell Martyr runs towards Sloan.
- Thagrosh activates, feats and brings back the Scythean. He also casts obliteration through the Spell Martyr which hits causing 9 points of damage and killing Reinholdt.
- Typhon activates and charges Sloan, killing her.

Another very good game. I am enjoying this list and it does seem to be working well against the living models. The Gators in particular can struggle against some Cryx because they dont get the bonuses from the lack of living models! I am seeing more use for the Seraph and its animus, and it's only recently that I have started to include it in my lists. The same goes for the Typhon really, I much prefer the Ravagore but I feel the affinity and Typhon's animus will be great in this list. 

Anyway thanks for reading!



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