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Cryx (Witch Coven) vs Legion (pThags) Game 1 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!

Richard and I had a 35 point game this afternoon. Heres my first attempt of a report, so here it goes!

Scenario: Capture the flag.

Richard's list- Cryx:

The Witch Coven of Garlghast
* Deathripper
* Stalker
* Reaper
* Slayer
Bloodgorgers (Leader and 5 Grunts)
Soulhunters (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Darragh Wrathe
Necrotech & 1 Scrap Thrall

My list- Legion of Everblight:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight
* Scythean
* Seraph
* Typhon

Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd
1 Spell Martyr


Richard won the roll and chose to go first!

Richard's deployment, from left to right:

Darragh, Soulhunters, Reaper, Bloodgorgers with the Coven behind, Necrotech and Scrap thrall, Slayer, Deathripper, and just out of the pic is the Stalker to the far right.

My deployment, from left to right:

Scythean, Thagrosh with the spell martyr behind, Gators, Typhon, Seraph with the Shepherd just behind.

Overall view of deployment:

Richard's Turn 1:

- 1 focus allocated to all the jacks.
- Soulhunters run up the flank followed by Darragh.
- Bloodgorgers run behind the wall
- Egregore advances, followed by two witches; the latter putting Infernal Machine onto the Stalker through the arc node.
- Stalker runs up the flank.
- Deathripper runs.
- Third witch advances into perfect conjunction.
- Slayer runs.
- Necrotech advances.
- Scrapthrall runs.
- Reaper runs.

My first turn:

- Seraph uses its animus to slipstream the Typhon as it advances.
- Seraph uses its Strafe attack for 3 shots; 2 allocated to one soulhunter and 1 shot allocated to another. Kills them both.
- Shepherd advances to remove the fury from the Seraph.
- Gators use dirge of mists and run.
- Typhon advances and puts Excessive Healing up.
- Thagrosh uses slipstream, placing the Scythean 2" forward, casts Draconic Blessing onto the Scythean and Fog of War, discards one fury.
- Spell martyr advances.
- Scythean attempts to charge Stalker. Just short! Leaving me short of fury next round.

Richard's Turn 2:

- Upkeeps Infernal Machine on the Stalker. Allocates 3 focus to the Stalker and 3 to the Reaper.
- Stalker advances into the Scythean. With Infernal Machine up, Richard needed to roll anything other than......  

- After some more unlucky rolls, the Stalker only caused 6 points of damage.
- Scrap Thrall runs into the middle of two gators but can only engage one.
- Egregore moves up, 2 witches follow, the latter casting Infernal Machine onto the Reaper.
- Third witch advances and feats.
- Reaper advances shoots at the Typhon and damages him, pulling him into his melee but at the same time taking him out of Thagrosh's control area.
- Bloodgorgers get a charge/run order; 2 get into melee range with Typhon and the others run. This leaves Typhon on 4 boxes.
- Soul hunters get a charge/run order. 2 are within range but neither hit.
- Darragh charges Typhon but causes no damage thanks to Excessive Healing.
- Both the Slayer and Deathripper advance.  

My Turn 2:

- Thagrosh leaches and cuts himself for 4 fury. Also gains one thanks to athanc. Upkeeps Draconic Blessing on the Scythean who is to the right of the above picture.
- Typhon is out of the control area and fails threshold check. Hits the Reaper and causes 12 points of damage taking out his left arm.
-  Seraph moves slightly to engage both soulhunters killing them.
- Scythean boosts to hit against the Stalker and boosts the damage roll- 6,6,2, killing it in one hit.
- Spell Martyr runs.
- Gators call Cold Blood and advance into two Bloodgorgers, killing them.
- Thagrosh advances putting Excessive Healing onto himself. He casts obliteration through the spell martyr (forgetting about the feat!). Scatters and kills a Bloodgorger.
- Shepherd advances and removes a fury from the Seraph.

Richard's Turn 3:

- Richard upkeeps Infernal Machine on to the Reaper and allocates 3 focus to it.
- Reaper kills the Typhon.
- One witch advances.
- Deathripper moves up.
- Second witch advances as does the third witch. She casts Stygian Abyss through the arc node onto one of the gators getting a critical and giving it 6 points of damage. Casts the same spell again at Thagrosh who transfers the damage to the Seraph.
-Scrap thrall tries to hit the gator, misses, blows up but causes no damage.
- Remaining soulhunter runs.
- Darragh charges the Seraph but misses.
- Bloodgorgers get a charge/run order, killing 2 gators.
- Necrotech and Slayer advance to defend their objective.

My turn 3:
-  Leach and upkeep Draconic Blessing.
- Shepherd uses its special action to medicate the Seraph.
- Seraph walks out of combat, Darragh causes 7 points of damage. Does it's strafe attack allocating 2 shots each to 2 Bloodgorgers. All 4 hit and trigger the tough rolls- Richard passess all 4!
- Gators call Cold Blood and 2 advance into the Bloodgorgers killing 3.
- Scythean walks into the Deathripper, boosting to hit but killing it in one hit.
- Thagrosh feats bringing back the Typhon. Thagrosh puts Excessive Healing on himself and casts obliteration onto the last Soulhunter, killing it leaving him on no fury.
- Typhon activates putting Excessive Healing on itself and advancing forward slightly.

Richard's Turn 4:

- Upkeeps Infernal Machine on the Reaper. Allocates no focus.
- Necrotech repairs the Reaper 2 points.
- Reaper shoots the Seraph, dragging it and killing it with a double 6 straight-damage roll!
- Slayer activates, picking up the egregore and throwing it.
- The egregore activates and as it cannot be knocked down, it runs towards Thagrosh.
- One witch activates casting Stygian Abyss causing 8 points of damage, leaving him on 7.
- The other two witches activate and move behind the wall.
- Darragh advances and casts hellfire, rolling a double 6 for the damage roll, killing Thagrosh!!

What an end! I really didn't see the egregore throw coming my way, but I was aware Darragh's huge threat range. I made a few mistakes, mainly misjudging the Scytheans charge on the first turn! This left me short on fury as I had planned on maxing out the Scythean but it also led me to having to cut Thagrosh which is never a good thing. I also forgot about the reduction in my line of sight due to the feat which basically wasted my spell martyr.
On the plus side though I am pretty happy with this list. A few more games of practice are needed though!

Richard is planning on doing a dramatised battle report over the next week which will be a good read. He is also going to include his thoughts about being on the other side of the table!

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Thanks for reading!


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