Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Iron King!

Yesterday was the Iron King Tournament held at Iron Haven Games, Exeter! It was an awesome day and used the 2012 scenarios and rules.  The format was three 35 point games, using one list, and the final game was a Mangled Metal game using the same warcaster or warlock. The turns were timed to 10 minutes and you could use an extension once per game. You were awarded 3 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. There was also a painting element to the scoring: 2 for painted with detail and basing, 1 for basic painting and basing and 0 for any model being unpainted.

My list was the one I have been talking mainly about on here:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (*5pts)
* Nephilim Bolt Thrower (6pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
* Typhon (12pts)
Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts) (9pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
1 Spell Martyr (1pts)

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (*5pts)
* Nephilim Bolt Thrower (6pts)
* Raek (4pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
* Scythean (9pts)

Game One!
Opponent: Andy Light
Faction: Mercs.
Scenario: Process of Elimination.

So there is a summary in pictures!
Andy was using Ashlynn with her massive def of 17! I had played against Andy once before and he was using a relatively similar list.
I had won the roll and went first, running most things up the field. Andy had responded by gradually advancing his army. The Scythean charged the Precursor Knights, killing two and the gators failed charged. A shredder went rapid  to engage the jack.

Andy responded by using the Precursors once a game ability of Morrow's Name, doing a fair bit of damage to the Scythean. The jack also shot at the gators killing two of them. Some unlucky rolls left the Shredder unharmed so Andy brought Ashlynn forward to try and shoot him, but missed. Ashlynn was left in a fairly compromising position, but I think Andy had hoped that the high def would save her.

The Bolt Thrower activated first to try and get the critical knockdown, but failed to hit with the massive def of 19 due to Quicken. The Spell Martyr then ran up and Thagrosh tried to cast Obliteration through it, but again the def saved her and it scattered away. I was reluctant to use the Scythean because he would have so many freestrikes taken against him, so it was down to the Gators. They charged over using their reroll ability, after some poor dice they finally managed to kill Ashlynn.

One win!

Game Two!
Opponent: Simon Lee.
Faction: Cryx.
Scenario: Incursion.

I forgot to take the last picture but the gators held the objective to gain the third scenario point.
It was a great game! Simon was using eSkarre which is a strong warcaster and Simon is a good player. I made a couple of mistakes such as misjudging the Typhon's charge range and not using his animus, so he got killed pretty quick! The Banes continue to be a nemesis as they can kill a beast so effortlessly.

Game Three.
Opponent: Richard Deane.
Faction: Cygnar.
Scenario: Incoming.

Before I go on to the pictures, this proved to be one of those games where I did not have my head screwed on properly! Richard is a very experienced player so I was 99.9% sure I knew the outcome before we had even started! I also played the scenario incredibly stupidly; I missed out on numerous control points simply by not putting Thagrosh slightly closer to the objective and giving away the scenario win.

Game Four! Mangled Metal!
Opponent: Simon Lee.
Faction: Cryx.
Scenario: Gauntlet.


What a game! It was going pretty 50/50 throughout the game, but as soon as Thagrosh started to play a bit more aggressively it made a difference. The death shroud allowed the beasts to stay alive for longer and Thagrosh finished off killing Mallice. The last two turns though were epic! I unfortunately made the mistake with Scythean to charge into Skarre- she has admonition on her but I hoped that she would not move the full 3 due to the risk of going out of the kill box artiface. What I should have done would have been to run around the back of her which possibly could have lined her up for Thagrosh to charge. Anyway Thagrosh charged Nightmare....and this is where my dice completely let me down. I needed to roll a 6 on two dice....below average....but I failed at least 4 times in a row. Looking back I really should have boosted and I was stupid to not do so, but I failed to hit Nightmare leaving it on I think about 6 boxes.  Thagrosh could have, and should have (!), downed Nightmare that turn for the win, but it wasnt mean to be! Skarre came round and knocked Thagrosh down and killed him for the win. Gutted! But Simon was a great opponent. Damn those dice!!!

*On a lot of my pictures, the Sycthean is looking the wrong way- this is because he over hangs his base so much!

So that was my day; 2 wins, 1 epic fail and 1 dice failure game. Excellent day!
I will post the overall rankings when I get a copy, but I ended up coming 11th out of 18. To me that was pretty good as there was a lot of very experienced players there so I am really quite chuffed!
Key results:

Iron King 2012 - Pat Vance
2nd Place - Richard Deane
3rd Place - Chris Cawthorn
Most Sporting - Andy Light
Best Painted - Chris Cawthorn
Most Promising General - Chris Oakley

Congratulations to Pat Vance who won also using pThags, but quite a different list to mine.
If you are interested there are loads of pictures over on Iron Haven Games Facebook Page On there you will find pics of the trophy and Chris Cawthorn's lovely painted Skorne as well as Kurt Hanson's Trolls which were also awesome!

With the Iron King out of the way, I am now very much looking forward to SmogCon and then the Welsh Open in May! First though, we have entered a small tournament at a local gaming convention in Plymouth which is holding its first warmachine tournament this Sunday. Its only 25 points but hopefully it will grow into something bigger. So over the next couple of weeks I will start to look at another 35 point list as well as some 50 point ones! I am also very much looking forward to the Iron Gauntlet 2, which will be held in the Summer at the Iron Haven!

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Scrap Heap Round One.


Here is the write up for Scrap Heap Round One! I apologise for the delay; busy at work during the week and we have been visiting Iron Haven Games over the past couple of  weekends in preparation for the Iron King Tournament!

So here we go. The event was 15pt Mangled Metal and was 4 rounds of the scenario Close Quarters using one list. Games were 60 minutes long with 10 minute timed turns. We could only score points or contest if the models were completely within the zone.

It gave me the opportunity to practice my list for the Iron King, so here is what I took:

Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (*5pts)
* Nephilim Bolt Thrower (6pts)
* Raek (4pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
* Scythean (9pts)

Game One.
Opponent: Richard.
Faction: Cryx
The Witch Coven of Garlghast (*5pts)
* Cankerworm (5pts)
* Deathripper (4pts)
* Stalker (4pts)
* Stalker (4pts)
* Reaper (7pts)
* Slayer (6pts)

Richard won the roll and went first; his deployment was as follows:


Starting on the left: Stalker, Deathripper, Reaper, Coven, Cankerworm, Slayer, Stalker.

My deployment:

Starting on the left: Scythean, Scythean, Thagrosh, Bolt Thrower, Raek, Shredder.

Richard's Turn 1.
Infernal Machine onto the Slayer.
Slayer runs.
Infernal Machine into Reaper.
Reaper runs.
Cankerworm runs.
Deathripper advances.
Both Stalkers run.
Egregore advances.

My Turn 1.
Raek runs.
Shredder goes rapid and runs to engage a Stalker.
Bolt Thrower advances causing 8 points of damage on the Reaper.
Thagrosh puts up Fog of War and Draconic Blessing on the Scythean and advances.
Both Scytheans rile and run.

Richard's Turn 2.
Egregore advances.
Two witches run, the other feats.
Stalker kills the Shredder.
Deathripper advances.
Reaper advances and shoots at the Scythean causing 3 points if damage.
Cankerworm charges the Scythean causing 15 points of damage after having some poor rolls.
Slayer tried to throw the Scythean but fails the strength check.
Stalker runs.

My Turn 2.
Upkeep spells.
Unpainted Scythean advances.
Raek runs towards Coven.
Thagrosh moves up to try and get the most of his Death Shroud ability.
Bolt Thrower moves into melee with the Reaper causing some damage.
Scythean kills the Cankerworm.
Control point scored as we were using "completely within" rules.

Richard's Turn 3.
Deathripper advances.
Scythean dies by a joint effort!
Stalker advances.
Witch activates casting Stygian Abyss onto Thagrosh causing 9 points.
Control point scored.


My Turn 3.
Raek frenzies but fails to hit a Witch!
Thagrosh advances putting Draconic Blessing on the Scythean. He feats and camps on a load of fury in case it went wrong!
Scythean advances to the Egregore and kills it with the following dice roll being my highlight! Three 6s!


Game Two.
Opponent: Darren.
Faction: Cryx.
Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast (*6pts)
* Stalker (4pts)
* Deathjack (12pts)
* Erebus (8pts)
* Reaper (7pts)

Darren won the roll and but chose to go second.

My deployment:

Starting on the left: Raek, Scythean, Thagrosh, Scythean, Bolt Thrower, Shredder.

Darren's deployment was as follows:

Starting on the left is the Stalker, Reaper, Skarre, Erebus, Deathjack.

My Turn One.
Thagrosh puts up for Fog of War and Draconic Blessing on the Scythean. He then advances.
Everything else riles and runs.

Darren's Turn One.
Stalker runs.
Reaper advances.
Erebus advances.
Skarre puts Admonition on Erebus.
Deathjack advances putting Deathward on itself.

*Forgot to take a picture here!*

My Turn Two.

Upkeep spells.
Shredder advances.
Bolt Thrower advances, boosting to hit to try and get a critical- critical!! Deathjack knocked down.
Thagrosh moves up.

Darren's Turn Two.

Upkeep spells, allocates 3 to the Reaper, 2 to Erebus and one to Deathjack who also gets the two for his arms.
Reaper shoots Scythean causing 3 points of damage and dragging him into his melee. Reaper and Erebus kill the Scythean.
Deathjack spends a focus to stand back up and advances into the Shredder to kill it.
Skarre advances forwards.

My Turn Three.

Bolth Thrower stands still and shoots Deathjack, again boosting for the critical knockdown- achieved it!
Scythean charges Deathjack, killing it.
Thagrosh advances forwards slightly and feats, returning the Scythean to play!
Raek advances and is forced to leap next to Skarre and then manages to do 7 points of damage!


Darren's Third Turn.
Skarre feats and initially tries to hit the Raek, missing, but then does achieve to knock it down with her, erm, Great Rack.
Stalker charges the Raek leaving it on 2 damages boxes.
Reaper shoots the Scythean and drags it. Combined effort between the Reaper and Erebus kills the Scythean...again.

My Turn Four:
Raek fails its frenzy check, but we unfortunately messed up on the rules here. It was ruled that a frenzying beast would not be able to stand up, however it appears as though it can but would need to forfeit its action for example. As Skarre was not able to be targetted, the Raek wouldn't have been able to attack her, however at least it would have been standing rather than being auto-hit on the next turn or def 5!
Thagrosh casts Obliteration onto the Raek, killing it but also causing a further 7 points of damage on Skarre.
Scythean runs across in front of Thagrosh.


Darren's Turn Four.

3 focus allocated to Reaper and 2 to Erebus.
Reaper shoots Scythean and damages him to drag him into melee.
Skarre runs away.

My Turn Five.

Thagrosh advances to try and cast Obliteration onto Skarre. Fails to hit her with +4 def from cover and it unfortunately scatters too far.
Scythean does a bit of damage.

Darren's Turn Five.

Scythean is killed allowing Erebus to walk into Thagrosh.
Thagrosh transfers the damage.
Stalker runs over to engage Thagrosh

My Turn Six.

Literally around a minute left on the clock, with added pressure that a draw would equal a loss....
Thagrosh uses the Bolt Throwers animus to gain flight and charges towards Skarre who only has a couple boxes left and I was hoping for some unlucky freestrike rolls! I transfer one of the damage rolls to the Bolt Thrower killing it, but unfortuntely the second free strike killed Thagrosh.

 It was worth a go!

Game Three.
Opponent: Mike.
Faction: Cygnar.

Captain Kara Sloan (*6pts)
* Hunter (6pts)
* Hunter (6pts)
* Cyclone (9pts)
* Defender (9pts)

I won the roll and went first. My deployment was along the lines as the previous two games.

Mike's deployment:

From left to right: Hunter, Defender, Sloan, Cyclone, Hunter.

My First Turn.

Usual spells and running- note the Scythean is meant to be looking forward but would not balance on the hill!

Mike's First Turn.

Sloan advances and feats. Also casts fire group.
Sloan shoots at the Scythean causing 0 points.
Hunter shoots at the Scythean causing 8 points.
Hunter then advances and then shoots the Scythean for a further 6 points.
Sloan gains the extra shot and causes 4 points on the other Scythean.
Second Hunter tries to shoot the Shredder but rolls triple 1!
Defender shoots but misses all his shots!
Hunter's extra shot against the Shredder hits causing 2 points.
Cyclone advances but causes no damage.

My Second Turn.

Raek and Shredder charge one Hunter killing it.
Scythean charges the other Hunter killing it.
Other Scythean advances.
Bolt Thrower shoots but doing only minimal damage to the Defender.


Mike's Turn Two.

2 focus allocated to both jacks.
Cyclone misses against the Bolt Thrower.
Sloan also misses.
Defender causes 6 points against the Bolt Thrower.

*Forgot to take picture here*

My Turn Three.

Shredder goes rapid and runs.
Raek advances and leaps, failing to hit Sloan.
Scythean kills the Cyclone.
Other Scythean scrapes Sloan.
Thagrosh moves up to make the most of the Death Shroud ability.

Mike's Turn Three.

Defender advances out of combat, taking freestrikes from the Raek and two Scytheans. It survives but takes out its arm. Defender fails to hit Thagrosh.
Sloan advances out of combat. The freestrike from the Scythean being enough to kill her after rolling the following:


So, 2 wins, 1 loss so far.

Game Four.
Opponent: Hannah.

Hoarluk Doomshaper (*7pts)
* Troll Axer (6pts)
* Winter Troll (5pts)
* Dire Troll Mauler (9pts)
* Mulg the Ancient (12pts)

My deployment was the standard set-up.

Hannah's deployment:

From left to right: Winter Troll, Mulg, Mauler, Axer and Doomy at the back.

My First Turn.

Usual spells and run.

Hannah's First Turn.

Beasts advance and rile.
Doomy puts Fortune on Mulg and Banishing Ward on himself.

My Second Turn.

Everything advances apart from the Bolt Thrower who tried to get critical knockdown but fails.

Hannah's Second Turn.

Upkeep spells.
Doomy puts Rush on the Mauler and discards of 2 fury.
Mulg and Axer move to block Doomy.
Mauler charges Scythean, killing it.
Winter Troll shoots at the Bolt Thrower causing 7 points of damage.

My Turn Three.

Raek charges Mauler.
Bolt Thrower shoots Winter Troll.
A charging Scythean is enough to kill Mulg.
Thagrosh feats, bringing back the Scythean.

Hannah's Turn Three.

Doomy puts Rage onto the Axer, heals the Winter Troll 2 points and then advances behind a wall and feats.
The Mauler has problems hitting the Raek and left it on one point.
Axer advances into the Scythean nearly killing it.
Winter Troll kills the Scythean.

My Turn Four.

Raek tries to hit the Mauler followed up by the Shredder.

Hannah's Turn Four.

Axer frenzies into the Bolt Thrower causing 8 points of damage after using the scroll.
Other beasts pass their frenzy checks.
Doomy heals some beasts.
Mauler initially misses against the Raek but then kills it along with the Shredder.
Winter Troll advances to try and spray Thagrosh but misses.

*Forgot to take the picture here*

My Turn Five.

Scythean kills the Mauler.
Thagrosh advances to kill the Winter Troll.
Bolt Thrower does nothing against the Axer as I forgot to heal him.

Hannah's Turn Five.

Doomy advances to put fortune onto the Axer.
Axer moves into Thagrosh causing 8 damage points.

My Turn Six.

Thagrosh activates and kills the Axer.

Another win!

Had a great day overall, finishing second and receiving the following certificate:

Thanks for reading! Coming up soon will be the write up and pics from the Iron King Tournament!