Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello and welcome!

As the title says, hello and welcome to my blog!

I will begin by telling you a bit about myself and my wargaming career. I can remember when I was a child, walking past our local Games Workshop and seeing the nicely painted models in the display cabinet. I never went in and so I never knew what the purpose of the models were. It wasn't until many years later when I met my now fiance, that I went into a gaming shop but I have to admit the gaming bug did not bite initially!

We started my gaming interest with playing Warhammer, my first faction being Orcs and Goblins. I loved the expressions on the orcs but I really wasn't keen on the game itself. We stopped playing after a while, but a few months later began to play Warhammer 40k. Again, I went for Orks as my faction and we got hooked on the game! We started going to a local club, North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics, and I was proud to accumulate just over 3000 points of Orks- I would be embarrassed to admit how much of it is not painted though! My fiance and I went on an awesome trip to Warhammer World which triggered my next army of Chaos Daemons.

The first night we went to NCBB, I can remember seeing Warmachine being played; it looked a very different game- only rolling 3 dice rather than 30, plus it had cards which had the key information on! That night we went online to look for any local retailers and it seemed that Exeter was the closest at the time. We went up to Exeter without really looking into the factions very much but Richard picked up the Khador battlebox. I was hoping to get Cygnar because they are, erm, blue, but unfortunately they only had cryx or various menoth blisters and warjacks. There was already 2 Cryx players at NCBB, so I went for Menoth- I really regret that now though! Richard and I had some small games at home whilst getting used to the rules, but we carried on playing 40k as our main system.

It wasn't until February 2011 that we really got hooked onto Warmachine and started playing it regularly, combined with a small amount of Warhammer again. A couple of months later I used Legion of Everblight in a demo game and really liked the hordes mechanic and the models. we are and Legion is my main faction!

Over the past few months, Richard and I have attended a few tournaments; ranging from Kernow Machine at Mad for Miniatures to the Iron Gauntlet at Iron Haven Games but also Cardiff Carnage. My aim in every tournament is to just win one game! Being relatively new to gaming, my aim is to learn more at tournaments and then be more competitive in the future.

Saying that, 2012 we are hoping to go to quite a few tournaments, so keep reading to follow my progress!

In my next post I will be posting up some pictures and a battle report- Legion vs Cryx!

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year to you all as well!