Monday, 9 April 2012

Quick painting update!

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not posting for a while. I have been busy doing a bit of painting recently and have changed the colour scheme again! Let me know your thoughts! :-)



Bolt Thrower



I havent had chance to get many games in recently, but I have been spending some time list building for the Welsh Open. One list that I tested out was the following:

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight (*6pts)
* Angelius (9pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
* Typhon (12pts)
Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts) (10pts)
Blighted Nyss Striders (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
* Blighted Nyss Striders Officer & Musician (3pts)
Annyssa Ryvaal, Talon of Everblight (4pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
2 Spell Martyrs (2pts)

It went quite well but lost to the scenario against eDenny! Vayl seems to be a very strong warlock with lots of potential. A few things I felt were missing in the list particularly the lack of Tenacity even though there is Excessive Healing in the list. I also felt that I lacked the Seraph for its animus as I noticed a couple occassions at least where it would have been great- at one stage the Angelius was being engaged by some Banes and could have taken a couple of freestrikes, but the slipstream animus would have solved that problem.
The other thing that slightly bothered me was having Annyssa in this list as I am likely to take eLylyth as another warlock and I feel she works better in that list. Having two characters in one list was slightly on my mind too!

After some feedback I have come up with the following list:

Vayl, Disciple of Everblight (*6pts)
* Shredder (2pts)
* Ravagore (10pts)
* Scythean (9pts)
* Seraph (8pts)
* Typhon (12pts)
Blighted Nyss Raptors (Leader and 4 Grunts) (10pts)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (1pts)
Strider Deathstalker (2pts)
The Forsaken (2pts)

Im hoping to test it out at some point during the next week! I am conscious though of the low model count; great for Vayl's feat but not so good against quite an infantry heavy meta.

Designing three lists events is actually proving to be a challenge. Im so far thinking that pVayl is a definite, but the following are also some ideas:

1. pVayl, Saeryn, eLylyth
2. pVayl, eThags, eLylyth
3. pVayl, Saeryn, eThags

 I am really keen on taking eThags as I worry that eLylyth is not able to be the all-round list that I like to make. I do wonder though if Kallus maybe a good option.

Watch this space!



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Collection of Randomness.

Hello there,

I thought today that I would post about some of the things that have been grabbing my attention recently. So here it goes!

To begin with, some fairly old news, but the following Unit Attachment picture has been released for the Legionnaires!

"The ranks of the legionnaires are a weapon wielded by one hand—that of Farilor, Bladeguard of the Prophet. He directs their every strike for the glory of Thagrosh, and the obedient legionnaires follow with unflinching discipline. So great is their devotion to Captain Farilor, legionnaires can ignore the most grievous wounds and punishing blows in order to hold the line beneath the Legion’s standard."

Nice models! Im thinking the Standard looks really good; Im especially liking the flag! Personally, I just don't think Farilor quite lives up to his artwork; I do wonder if its maybe the pose?

As for his abilities though, they make quite an epic change to the Legionnaires abilities! I think the Legionnaires are often looked at as one of our cheaper units and are particularly good at "jamming" (which makes them especially interesting for the Steamroller 2012 scenarios). So what do they actually do?

Farilor: As with the Legionnaires, he is Fearless, has Combined Melee attack and Defensive Line giving him +2 arm when B2B with another model in the unit. He also has Vengeance and Weapon Master, with a command of 9 and a mat of 7! His base stats are Spd 5, Def 12 and Arm 14! Farilor does however give a once a game ability of giving the Legionnaires +4 Arm as long as they are in formation and they cannot be knocked down or made stationary for one round- awesome! I think this is a great ability and it makes the unit a lot tougher to deal with. The no knockdown ability could really have its place against some spells and feats, but the +4 arm is awesome! Another great thing that he gives is the Set Defense Tactic- models in the front arc suffer -2 on charge, slam power attack and impact attack rolls against the model.

The Standard can also benefit from Defensive Line but also gives Mage Static to the unit if they are in formation; enemy magic attacks targeting a model in this model's unit suffer -5 range. This will be a useful ability! I can well see just keeping a Legionnaire B2B with the Standard in order to keep this model in play, hopefully, for longer!

Roll on the June release date!

Another interesting bit of news from Privateer Press has to be:

Im sure most of you will have heard and seen the epic announcement! If you havent though, you have to check the following link out!!

Colossal Announcement Video Link!

Here are some pictures though.

The Cygnar one, Stormwall, will be released in June!

The Hordes names are rumoured to be:
Circle: Woldwrath
Trolls: Mountain King
Legion: Archangel
Skorne: Mammoth

Obviously for the Legion one, the first thing that sprung to mind was whether it will be at all similar to the Angelius!
Here is some artwork though for the Trolls!

Other news:


It started with Rich Loxam streaming some of his Vassal games; the first live stream had well over 20 viewers for the whole game I seem to remember! Other players have joined him to create It is currently in the beta stage, but I can tell you, it is brilliant! The community on there is very friendly and it is catering for all areas of the hobby. There is a section on articles which is already proving to be very educational and useful. Im sure this site will grow and grow, so check it out if you haven't already!

Dragon Storm Podcast!

This was one of the first Warmachine Podcasts I listened to when I got into the hobby. The great news is, they are back! Martyn Jenkins and Sam Brokenshire, based at Firestorm Games, have got a new website where they have re-hosted their old episodes and will hopefully release some more soon! Follow the link below to check them out!

Dragon Storm!

Finally, I have been doing a bit of painting. I have however slowed to a halt- Im trying a slightly different colour scheme but am not sure if the darker carapace is maybe a bit too much. I think I prefer the lighter colour, but would appreciate your thoughts?

I am tempted to strip them and start again! But this time stick with the shade of the first picture, maybe just picking out elements with the darker brown. Like I said though, let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SmogCon 2012....The Results!

Hi everyone,
The results got officially published yesterday, so here they are!
As you can see it was a great turn out.

35 pt Friday Steamroller

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Max Horseman Khador 4 (7.0)(1)(113)
David Harbord Trollbloods 3 (9.0)(0)(107)
Toby Bryant Cryx 3 (8.0)(4)(76)
Chris Hale Cryx 3 (6.0)(3)(83)
Russ Charles Trollbloods 3 (6.0)(0)(62)
Aaron Boyan Retribution of Scyrah 2 (12.0)(4)(78)
Austin Pickles Protectorate of Menoth 2 (11.0)(3)(114)
Steven McCooachie Legion of Everblight 2 (9.0)(0)(71)
Claire Blewett Legion of Everblight 2 (7.0)(4)(92)
Ryan Evans Circle Orboros 2 (7.0)(3)(73)
Pete Wrench Protectorate of Menoth 2 (6.0)(3)(70)
Stuart Mack Cygnar 1 (10.0)(0)(42)
Matt Flockhart Cygnar 1 (9.0)(1)(51)
Richard Corner Cryx 1 (9.0)(0)(42)
Doug Fazzani Cygnar 1 (5.0)(0)(30)
Kurt Llewendon Retribution of Scyrah 0 (7.0)(0)(27)


35 pt Friday Tier Steamroller

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Jonathan Pickles Skorne 4 (8.0)(1)(74)
Dave Payton Cygnar 3 (11.0)(3)(79)
Stuart Hunter Skorne 3 (8.0)(3)(82)
Mattew Ames Protectorate of Menoth 3 (8.0)(3)(68)
Chris Cawthorn Skorne 3 (7.0)(4)(138)
Tom Fretwell Legion of Everblight 2 (10.0)(4)(81)
Philip Shaw Trollbloods 2 (10.0)(3)(99)
Garry Burgess Skorne 2 (9.0)(0)(101)
Will Allen Circle Orboros 2 (8.0)(5)(46)
David Grant Circle Orboros 2 (7.0)(3)(82)
Eliot Kinpton Skorne 2 (4.0)(1)(59)
James Brown Cryx 1 (9.0)(3)(39)
Jay Taylor Khador 1 (8.0)(2)(23)
Mike Chomyk Khador 1 (7.0)(0)(93)
Nick Moore Cryx 1 (6.0)(0)(48)
Chris Thomas Cygnar 0 (8.0)(0)(15)


Friday Hardcore

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Adam Wilke Circle Orboros 4 (9.0)(1)(161)
Bret Wilke Legion of Everblight 3 (11.0)(2)(160)
Kurt Hanson Trollbloods 3 (8.0)(0)(141)
Martyn Jenkins Circle Orboros 3 (7.0)(2)(153)
Matt Hart Trollbloods 3 (6.0)(0)(106)
Steve Hursell Skorne 2 (9.0)(0)(92)
Jack Honeysett Circle Orboros 2 (9.0)(0)(82)
Nick Topham Trollbloods 2 (9.0)(0)(63)
Paul Gibbon Circle Orboros 2 (8.0)(0)(82)
Marc Williams Protectorate of Menoth 2 (6.0)(0)(147)
Richard Stone Mercenaries 1 (10.0)(3)(81)
Dave Kane Khador 1 (8.0)(1)(99)
Jamie Parsons Khador 1 (7.0)(1)(112)
Sam Brokenshaw Minions 1 (7.0)(0)(85)
Luke Mason Cryx 1 (6.0)(0)(90)
Ian Lacey Cryx 1 (6.0)(0)(6)


35 pt Saturday Steamroller

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Martyn Jenkins Circle Orboros 4 (10.0)(4)(101)
Stuart Hunter Skorne 3 (9.0)(2)(96)
James Stark Cryx 3 (8.0)(3)(61)
Adam Jones Cryx 3 (8.0)(1)(109)
Paul Gibbon Circle Orboros 3 (8.0)(1)(86)
Matt Flockhart Cygnar 2 (9.0)(3)(60)
Doug Fazzani Cygnar 2 (8.0)(2)(68)
Jack Honeyset Circle Orboros 2 (7.0)(1)(48)
Maurice Lane Khador 2 (5.0)(0)(75)
Andrew Cornelius Khador 1 (11.0)(0)(48)
Garry Burgess Khador 1 (8.0)(3)(64)
Jamie Parsons Khador 1 (8.0)(1)(41)
Luke Mason Cryx 1 (6.0)(0)(68)
Robert Mills Trollbloods 0 (7.0)(0)(22)


35 pt Saturday Tier Steamroller

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Brett Wilkie Cygnar 4 (9.0)(24)(112)
Austin Pickles Legion of Everblight 3 (10.0)(1)(64)
Stephen Whitehead Legion of Everblight 3 (10.0)(0)(99)
Tom Fretwell Legion of Everblight 3 (8.0)(4)(105)
Chris Cawthorn Protectorate of Menoth 3 (8.0)(2)(124)
Elitor Kimpton Skorne 2 (11.0)(0)(55)
Russ Charles Trollbloods 2 (9.0)(2)(95)
Martin Honacer Skorne 2 (8.0)(1)(131)
David Kane Khador 2 (7.0)(2)(31)
Nick Topham Protectorate of Menoth 2 (6.0)(1)(42)
Richard Stone Mercenaries 2 (4.0)(3)(64)
Kurt Hanson Trollbloods 1 (9.0)(0)(73)
David Grant Minions 1 (9.0)(0)(62)
Peter Donaldson Khador 1 (7.0)(0)(40)
Ian Lacey Cryx 1 (5.0)(0)(24)


Saturday Hardcore

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Adam Wilkie Legion of Everblight 3 (7.0)(0)(123)
Marc Williams Skorne 2 (8.0)(0)(109)
Phil Shaw Trollbloods 2 (8.0)(0)(90)
Nick Roberts Circle Orboros 2 (7.0)(0)(109)
Ryan Evans Circle Orboros 2 (5.0)(1)(57)
Conrad Gonsalves Cygnar 2 (5.0)(0)(62)
Jay Taylor Khador 2 (5.0)(0)(47)
James Brown Cryx 1 (7.0)(0)(58)
Neal Barton Protectorate of Menoth 1 (6.0)(0)(77)
Aaron Boyan Retribution of Scyrah 0 (7.0)(0)(71)


Saturday 50 point Steamroller

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

David Harbord Trollbloods 4 (9.0)(1)(147)
Martin Jenkins Circle Orboros 3 (8.0)(4)(119)
Max Horsefield Khador 3 (8.0)(6)(86)
Matt Heart Trollbloods 3 (6.0)(1)(112)
Toby Bryant Cryx 3 (5.0)(0)(134)
Pete Wrench Protectorate of Menoth 2 (9.0)(3)(74)
Mike Chomyk Khador 2 (9.0)(2)(54)
Mat Townsend Cryx 2 (8.0)(1)(115)
Claire Blewett Legion of Everblight 2 (8.0)(1)(112)
David Wyatt Trollbloods 2 (4.0)(2)(30)
Will Allen Circle Orboros 1 (10.0)(1)(62)
Richard Corner Cryx 1 (10.0)(0)(70)
Ryan Evans Circle Orboros 1 (9.0)(2)(81)
Frederick Hockday Circle Orboros 1 (9.0)(0)(27)
Mark Smith Cryx 1 (6.0)(0)(12)
Ben Josling Protectorate of Menoth 1 (5.0)(0)(35)


Saturday Doubles Tournament

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Phillip Shaw Protectorate of Menoth 4 (9.0)(6)(104)
Aaron Boyhan Legion of Everblight 3 (9.0)(8)(103)
Martin Hornacek Skorne 3 (9.0)(2)(100)
Tom Fretwell Khador 3 (5.0)(6)(136)
James Stark Minions 2 (10.0)(3)(105)
Conrad Gonsalves Skorne 2 (10.0)(0)(93)
Neal Barton Circle Orboros 2 (7.0)(4)(115)
Chris Young Trollbloods 2 (7.0)(3)(160)
Matthew Ames Mercenaries 2 (5.0)(6)(54)
Nigel Doherty Legion of Everblight 1 (11.0)(0)(52)
Ian Lacey Cryx 1 (8.0)(0)(87)
Stephan Evans Cryx 1 (7.0)(2)(25)
Adam Wilkie Circle Orboros 1 (6.0)(0)(46)
Stuart Mack Khador 1 (5.0)(0)(50)
Eliot Kimpton Cygnar 0 (0.0)(0)(0)
Stephen Whitehead Retribution of Scyrah 0 (0.0)(0)(0)


Sunday 6 in 1 Midnight Madness

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Matt Townsend Cryx 3 (2.0)(5)(67)
Andrew Cornelius Khador 2 (5.0)(1)(75)
Matthew Ames Protectorate of Menoth 2 (4.0)(2)(39)
David Grant Circle Orboros 2 (2.0)(0)(68)
Nick Moore Cryx 0 (7.0)(0)(30)
Jay Taylor Khador 0 (7.0)(0)(23)


35 pt Sunday Steamroller Midnight Madness

Name Faction Score (SoS)(CP)(PC Destroyed)

Chris Young Khador 4 (8.0)(2)(103)
Martin Hornaek Skorne 3 (11.0)(4)(119)
Steven McConnachie Legion of Everblight 3 (7.0)(2)(109)
Luke Mason Cryx 2 (10.0)(2)(79)
Maurice Lane Khador 2 (8.0)(1)(108)
Nigel Docherty Cryx 2 (8.0)(0)(55)
Matt Flockhart Cygnar 2 (7.0)(3)(45)
Chris Tomas Cygnar 1 (8.0)(3)(30)
David Kane Khador 1 (6.0)(0)(76)
Ian Lacey Cryx 0 (7.0)(0)(37)

Thanks for looking :-)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

SmogCon 2012!

SmogCon: the first tournaments beginning at 6pm on Friday 24th February running straight through to 6pm on Sunday 28th February! What an absolutely great weekend!!!

We travelled up to Cardiff on Friday and arrived at Firestorm at about 3.30ish. First stop...the shop! Firestorm Games has an excellent stock of Warmachine and Hordes as well as many other gaming systems. I honestly have never seen so much Privateer Press stock in one place! After picking up some new toys, including the Proteus upgrade and a couple beast plastic kits (no more metal spikes!), Richard and I went into the gaming area and got a 35 point game going. There were already quite a few people playing and observing whilst the organisers were doing the last few touches to the event.

Upon registering, I was given a spot prize for being in the top 5 for purchasing tickets! We also got our first SmogCon and Privateer Press dice: awesome! (I love collecting dice!). At 6pm, the Tournaments began. I entered the 35 point Steamroller but there was also a 50 point Hardcore tournament and the 35 point tier tournament running. The SmogPit was also available! In the 35 point Steamroller there was 16 players with 4 games. It was 10 minute timed turns with one 5 minute extension. I can't remember the details in each game but I went 2-2 overall which I was pretty chuffed with. My goal for any tournament was to win one game per tournament so I achieved that! The games finished by 1am so we were back at the hotel for 2am.

A selection of the SmogCon dice!

The next day (or a few hours later depending on how you look at it!), was the 50 point steamroller tournament. This tournament was again 16 players with 4 rounds. The turns were timed for 12 minutes with one extension of 5 minutes.
My first game I was randomly drawn against Richard! We didnt want to make a fuss so had a good game, where it went to time. Rich won on tertiary conditions. My next game was against a Troll player and I managed to kill his warlock with a Scythean- massive lesson learned- troll warlocks have tough- Scythean should therefore use his animus (yes I forgot to use it). Fortunately, he did not make the tough roll but it was a heart stopping roll!!
My next game was against Mat Hart and some lovely painted trolls. I made quite a few mistakes in this game, including not activating my reinforcements the turn they came on but not also using manifest destiny often enough! I was clearly going to lose the scenario so I ended up going for the assassination. The warlock though had to keep putting the damage onto someone else and I simply ran out of attacks! Time was called shortly after and I lost by tertiary again, the battle engine being the main points. The Scythean had done a decent amount of damage on it but would have done a lot more if I had used manifest destiny. Oh well, lesson learned.
My final game was against Pete with his Menoth. This was another great game and I got good use out of manifest destiny and Thagrosh's feat, killing a jack and a unit of bastions. We eventually went to time but I got the win on tertiary conditions.
Again, 2-2! Awesome! I was very pleased with this as I was playing people who were a lot more experienced players than me whilst also getting used to the new scenarios and factions I have little experience with.

By now it was 5ish and tiredness was kicking in! We had originally signed up for the hardcore tournament starting at 5.30 but we decided against this in the end. After having a game in the SmogPit and watching some other games, we called it a night.

In both the 35 point and 50 point Steamrollers I learnt a lot. One lesson was positioning as I decided not to move the Bolt Thrower up too far but, I thought, into contesting range. Unfortunately, I was quite literally millimetres out....literally millimetres! So I got a loss through Scenario, but Toby played very well and it was an enjoyable game. I also had a loss to Austin Pickles with his Menoth. I learnt here an incredibly important lesson that rough terrain is measured effectively from the back of the base in that game's example! I didnt know this so I ended up having a failed charge, allowing his jack to move into Thagrosh. Again another great game though. A different game I had was against Cygnar and I almost came a cropper to the might of Foxhole from Siege! Fortunately Thagrosh survived, killing Siege next turn. My last game was also against Cygnar on Friday night; we were both tired and making silly mistakes but I managed to pull off a scenario win. Stuart gave me a very good game though and I hope to have a rematch again in the future.

Here are some random pictures I took in most of the games:





The Sunday was a lot more relaxed and gave me chance to have a look at the superb painting entries and some games in the SmogPit. One game that was particularly memorable was against Doug Fazzani and his Nemo army. I had unfortunately entered eThags and the majority of what I take with pThags into the painting competition (not that I can paint well but purely for the dice!!) which meant I could only really take an eLylyth 50 point list. What a bad match up this was! Doug's army was very jack heavy and I knew during the deployment that I was going to massively struggle with the high armour! Doug got the eventual win after completely tabling me and then killing was not pretty... Unfortunately I missed out on 5....yes 5 (FIVE!!)... assassination attempts:
1. Raptor shoots with Annyssa in line of sight, needing a 5....rolled a 4. Would have been interesting due to the poison bow.
2. Raptor misses rolling a 6 needing a 7.
3. Feat turn, Ravagore moves- out of Lylyths control area....nooooo! Range was just short and it scattered awar from Nemo. If Lylyth had been about an inch forward he would have been and benefited from the feat....grrr.
4. Lylyth shoots Nemo, boosting the damage....causing I think something like 1 point of damage....omg.
5. Lylyth shoots again, boosting to hit and damage...leaving him on I think 2.
And I thought Nemo was "squishy"!
I hope to play Doug again in the future with possibly a different list and without the cursed dice! Great game though.

During SmogPit, Annyssa took the chance for a photo whilst strolling through the woods!

Swiped this picture from Richard! This picture was taken after the dice had been rolled and it just landed like this!

Throughout Sunday, the Championship was ongoing. The results were being commentated as they came through. We did however watch the rather intense final game between Aaron Boyhan (Retribution) and Martyn Jenkins (Circle). It was a close game but unfortunately Martyn forgot to get his fury back and his beast failed the frenzy check (I bet this has happened to all Hordes players!) Martyn then went for the assassination against Ossyan but didnt manage to pull it off, so Kreuger was killed in the next turn resulting in Aaron taking the win! Most memorable quote of the weekend was definitely Martyn  when he was going for the assassination, where he said "Go big or go home, ........ so I'm going home!"  Brilliant!

During the weekend, people were also encouraged to enter their miniatures into the painting competition. I was amazed with the standard, there were a lot of stunning minis. The following are some pictures, but they really don't give justice to the minis. Unfortunately I did not have time to photograph them all.

Soon after was the raffle for Macmillan Cancer Charity. We raised a grand total of £371 and there were some great prizes given away. I won a Hordes poster and a Privateer Press tape measure and Richard won a pink Privateer Press Bandana! Other prizes given away were signed Domination and Wrath books, faction patches and some Domination models. The thank yous followed and we all then said our goodbyes. What a weekend.

Domination poster, PP Tape Measure, PP Bandana and a selection of SmogCon and PP dice!

For gaming, it was one of the most well-organised events I have played in and all of the tables were great; there were no tables where the terrain was sparse or too crowded. The games ran to schedule and everything that was needed was supplied, including timers and objective markers.
Socially, the event was great. Firestorm have recently expanded and have now got a bar area, but the whole community is incredibly friendly and welcoming to players. It was a great opporunity to put names to faces as there are people I have listened to on podcasts or spoke to/ follow on twitter and it was a chance to meet everyone. Similarly, it was also a great chance to meet with people we haven't seen for a while.

I cannot wait until next year!!

So...what next. The convention really highlighted a few things to me, on the plus side things I can take away and learn from but also some things that I maybe should have been doing better. Firstly, I was conscious of my lack of practice. Fortunately, Iron Haven Games ran a Steamroller last weekend which gave us the chance to put in some last minute practice, but I reckon I should have been preparing for this for much longer. My lack of games of 35 points or above hugely showed when it came to list building and how they actually played. I felt some of my lists were disjointed purely due to a lack of play time and practice with them. So, the plan is now to concentrate on 35 and 50 points each week where Richard and I will put in some decent practice games, but importantly not always Cryx vs Legion, but also adding in some Khador, Cygnar or Menoth and hopefully some other factions in the future. This will serve 2 puposes; 1. Learn how to play against other factions and get more list building practice. 2. Learn more about that faction and the warcaster/ warlock. We will also continue going to Iron Haven Games and their training evenings, as the first one was really educational as well as going to Mad for Miniatures for their larger point games/ tournaments. We are hoping that this will put us in good stead for the Welsh Open in May!

The other thing the convention highlighted was around painting. For a few weeks now I have been regretting my chosen colour scheme for my Legion. I tested a slightly different one on eThags which I quite like so I am now going to take it a step further and apply it to my plastic warbeasts. If it works, it works, if it doesnt, back to the drawing board! My goal here is to have my list for the ETC in the new colour scheme....which is probably going to involve a lot of stripping models and starting again! The painting standard at SmogCon blew me away, the models were amazing. I know I can never get to that standard but if I could produce a good tabletop standard, then I will be happy.

So there we are. Thanks for reading and roll on SmogCon 2013!!